Modular Office Furniture

Modular office furniture can easily conform to and evolve with the ever-changing needs of your business. Unlike standard desks, tables, and other conventional forms of office furnishings, cubicles, workstations, and other panel systems components are easily reconfigurable and expandable, and they are highly versatile. So, as your business grows or personnel needs change, so, too, can your office furniture layout. In addition to offering incredible flexibility to your workspace, there are many other reasons to consider buying modular office furnishings.


Cost savings-Perhaps one of the biggest benefits to modular office furniture is that they are a very cost-efficient alternative to conventional, fixed forms of office furniture. In general, a workstation or cubicle is far more affordable than a conventional desk layout offering similar work and storage space.

Space efficiency-Modular office furnishings offer more than just a savings in cost – they also can save on space, too. Modular furnishings maximize use of their space thanks to their modern, state-of-the-art designs and layout configurations that place storage cubbies, shelving, and file drawers under or above desk surfaces.

Easily blending furniture-A major advantage to choosing modular office furniture over fixed or other conventional forms of office furniture is that if you need to add pieces to your layout, you’ll easily be able to do so with modules that will perfectly match your existing pieces.

Privacy without total seclusion-The office partitions that help to form cubicle and workstation areas come in various heights, and are available in a wide array of beautiful materials, including wood laminate, upholstered hard surfaces, and even glass. So, you can provide your employees a sense of privacy within their work areas without having to build a labyrinth of permanent walls.

Modular Office Furniture Installtion

Our team of experienced installers is trained to handle all modular furniture systems. Since our inception in 2003, our business has handled just about every manufacture that exists. We perform service calls as small as a one workstation reconfigure all the way up to installation and placement of furniture for entire buildings. In addition SE installers are able to install floor to ceiling modular walls.

SKK installers are always equipped with the necessary tools, hardware, and equipment to take care of our clients and to accommodate last minute changes such as making custom work surface cuts or drilling grommet holes. Clients can expect SKK installers to always have a skill saw, grommet drill, wall anchors, sawzall, vacuum, and of course cordless drills to solve any unexpected problems in the filed.

Our service personnel assure that all your products are properly handled and installed according to manufacturer specifications. Our installation technicians are knowledgeable of all major furniture manufactures such as Steelcase, Herman Miller, Haworth and Teknion. With an average of 5 years field installation experience, projects are completed on time and in most cases with a "zero" punch list. Whether it's a major project or daily service requests, our personnel will complete each assignment to your satisfaction.

System Furniture Reconfiguration

Whether you need to make a few changes to your existing furniture or reconfigure a whole floor, our knowledgeable Project Managers can meet with you to plan the most effective utilization of your existing furniture and space. Our installation group is available to provide daily on-going support. We can quickly handle emergency situations that may arise within your facility.

Storage & Asset Management

Ship your furniture to our facility where our personnel will receive, inspect for freight damage, and make the product ready for delivery or long term storage. Whether it's over night or several months we can accommodate your needs. Our asset management program is knowing what furniture you have, tracking its movements, and assisting you in its productive utilization. With our computerized asset management system, the use of existing furniture is maximized and simplified.

Office Relocation Services

Whether it's a complete office relocation or an inter-office move, our skilled move management teams provide the coordination to facilitate a smooth and pleasant experience. From the pre-move coordination meetings to post-move clean up, our move group is trained to minimize the impact of relocation to your company and employees.

Refurbishment of Modular Systems Furniture and Seating

Side by side, it's sometimes hard to tell refurbished product from new. Modular furniture is made to last for decades but occasionally items are damaged or the panel fabric no longer matches the decor. No problem let us refurbish it for you. You select the new color and fabric and we do the rest. Simple, convenient and most of all affordable.

High Density Filing Installation

Our hi-density team of installers is trained to use a transit with tripod to precisely measure and level mobile file units down to the millimeter. In addition to our superior leveling techniques, SE installers are able to floor anchor mobile file units to meet seismic requirements, and to grout the track in place for a permanent installation.

Our most recent filing projects include but are not limited to

  1. HSBC
  2. Barclays
  3. Amdocs
  4. Tech Mahindra
  5. BMC Software
  6. Inautix
  7. Vodafone
  8. Dana india
  9. suzlon

Custom Solutions

Panel Re-upholstery

Sometimes a company may want to give their office a face lift, and one way to accomplish this is to, instead of purchasing a brand new panel system, reupholster their existing panels. To get the panels re-upholstered, SKK sends a crew to the project site that dismantles the panels and brings them to our warehouse to get them done.

Each time our re-upholstery experts make them come out as if they were brand new. After the work is done, SKK sends a crew back to the project site to reinstall the workstations. This is particularly helpful when the client purchases new furniture to add to existing furniture and wishes to reuse the existing panels to match the new fabric.

Custom sizing

Many times during office reconfigurations, existing work surfaces need to be re-sized to fit the new configuration. We have the tools and equipment to cut any work surface to the new desired size and we can do custom cuts either at job sites or at our own warehouse, depending of the needs of the customer.

Should any saw dust be on the ground after a custom cut, we vacuum it up and leave the job site tidy!

Wood furniture repair

At times, wood furniture gets nicks and dings on them. We are able to make minor scratches look unnoticeable ourselves, and have great resources to get larger damage repaired by a wood furniture repair professional.


Downsizing or replacing old furniture with new? Help the environment and your bank account by recycling your old office furniture. We work with a network of manufacturers and liquidators throughout the United States that can help transform your obsolete furniture into cash.